New Series: Saving Dapo I

Read the latest series, by award winning Nigerian author (who happens to be my brother) . Awesome!

Seun Odukoya


Stop! Don’t read this if you haven’t read Reality Is: The Wahala With The Truth I & II !!


If you have…



SAVING DAPO - Masthead 1


Can’t sleep.



Almost drunk. And I still can’t sleep.



He wanted to blame his restlessness on the generating sets roaring in the neighborhood; he wanted to blame it on the fact that it had been a long weekend. He wanted to blame it on anything but what the problem really was.



He sat up – and then fell back as the walls of the room began to move.  There was a muffled thump as something rolled off his thighs and onto the floor. “Bloody hell,” he said aloud as he turned this way and that, patting the bed. “Where’s that…”



The sudden ringing of his phone added a new sound to the din, and the…

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