Kachi felt like walking over to where he sat and saying “Didn’t your mother tell you it is rude to stare?”

Perhaps that would wipe that annoying smirk from his face. He had been staring at her ever since she looked up and caught his eye at the check-in counter. He had even bared his perfect set of white teeth in a smile once when she looked to check if he was still staring at her.

She didn’t like it one bit.

His eyes seemed to peel off the aquamarine tunic she wore off her.

She wished she had worn heels instead, and then her legs would have looked longer and slimmer. Her full figure wasn’t something she was very proud of, but here he was looking at her the way the men that frequented Iya Lateef’s buka looked at her big, bubbling pot of stew with those scrumptious looking, large pieces of meat inside.

His eyes were making her feel something she hadn’t felt in a long while…sexy.

He’s probably just amusing himself. Don’t let it get to you. She said to herself, returning her attention once more to the tablet she held in her hand.

“Attention, please!…”, the announcer’s voice came over the public address system. There was going to be an hour and a half’s delay in the HankAir flight to Dubai. Kachi hissed. She had been waiting to go on this vacation for the past 10 months and even a minute’s delay seemed like forever to her.

She checked how much battery life she had left and saw she had enough to keep her playing her favorite Candy Crush Saga till it was time to board. She bought more lives and boosters online. She took a long swig out of her water bottle and put it back into her rucksack.

As she straightened, she noticed the seat recently vacated a few spaces to her right was now occupied – by a guy.

Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at his neat, well trimmed toe nails through the open end of the brown sandals he wore. There was something about those beige trousers that reminded her of something…or someone she’d seen before. The way the tee shirt framed his body was evidence his membership at some gym or sports club.

“Are you on HankAir to Dubai, too?” He said, leaning slightly in her direction.

His voice was somewhere between Luther Vandross and Lionel Ritchie, with a subtle hint of John Legend.

She looked up at his face. It was Mr. Stare-A-Lot!! The nerve!

When did he…? How did he…?

She swallowed hard to lubricate her vocal cords so her barely-a-whisper “yes” could slip past.

“Hmm! So we’re stuck here together then? I’m Najib. “He held out his hand.

Reluctantly, she took it and he lifted it and brushed her knuckles ever so lightly with his lips.

“Pleased to meet your acquaintance, fair lady.”

Do men of nowadays still do or say that?

Well, she liked it anyways. And she smiled.

“I’m Kachi. “

He smiled again, making his lips frame his teeth in that way that made her want to….

And then, they talked. And talked.  About everything. Travel, work, music, video games, food, men, women, movies, cars, books. Everything.

The hour and a half delay time flew by. When the announcer’s voice came again informing them that they could start boarding, they headed for the gate together with him carrying his hand luggage and hers.

“What seat are you in?” he asked.

“13A. Window.”

“Whoa! What a coinicidence!” He pulled out his ticket and pointed to the 13B written there.

And they said the number 13 is unlucky! Kachi said to herself as the butterflies in her belly fluttered again.

Some minutes later, after the Fasten Your Seatbelts sign had gone off and the lights were dimmed in the cabin, Najib reached out and took her hand. They didn’t need to speak a word to each other. Their bodies leaned toward each other in obedience to some unseen force. The kiss was more than just a meeting of lips, it was as though their souls were being poured it to a hot cauldron where the melted and fused into one.

The plane went into some turbulence which shook them apart. Kachi was still in a daze, she had been rudely awakened from a dream that she wanted to go on forever.

Suddenly, Najib was holding her shoulders, shaking her.

“Are you okay? Hey! Hey! Wake up!”

Kachi opened her eyes to see a visibly annoyed old man shaking her vigorously. Realization dawned with the strange stares she was getting from the other passengers. The old man pointed to a damp spot on the shoulder of his kaftan.

She hung her head ashamed.

May be I should change my name to Josephine, Josephine the dreamer! 


44 thoughts on “Dreams!

  1. My problem with romance writing is that everything is usually perfect so imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a dream. You sucked me right in and i’m glad. Your unique talent is unmistakable.

  2. “His voice was somewhere between Luther Vandross and Lionel Ritchie, with a subtle hint of John Legend”….in short where is my hubby?

    Seriously tho, I love the twist at the end. Nicely written

  3. Hian! Ritche, Vandross and Legend? They don’t buy it in the market, mba. Funny that even after reading the title I didn’t see the end coming, I was there filling my head with romantic nothings. I like your writing style, it flows.

  4. Hmmmn….nne na wa 4 u.My best part was d kiss…..”in obedience to some unseen force”…Come see goose bumps all over me….lol. I bow 4 ur imaginative skills. Keep it up dear.

  5. Refreshing and I love the twist in the end. You manage to keep the suspense until the end and that’s not always easy.

  6. You got my total attention there! That was some dream lol. “His voice was somewhere between Luther Vandross and Lionel Ritchie, with a subtle hint of John Legend” got me practicing a few lines 😉
    Keep it up sister.

  7. you got me real good. super, that is all I can say. the usual predictability of romance was the bait and I sure swallowed it hook, line and sinker. you are good.

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  9. Hahaha😀😄
    Poor Kachi or Joshephine the dreamer
    The dream would have been nicer in her bedroom
    she would have only ended up soaking her pillow😜

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