True or False!

It was one of those lazy Saturday afternoons. Mommy and I were sitting in the living room; shelling egusi (melon seeds used in Nigerian cuisine). We had run out of gist topics, so I was channel surfing on DSTV looking for something to watch. I hardly ever pause at any of the Africa Magic channels except I stumble on the Tinsel soap. However, every once in a while, a movie with an unusual script and good production quality catches my eye and I will stop to watch it. I’m very critical of Nollywood(aka the Nigerian film industry), you know, with their predictable stories, sometimes shoddy acting and lame adaptations of Hollywood movies. So, with one ear listening to my mom’s dwindling gist and my eyes on the TV screen, my remote control introduced me to False.

I pressed the information button, read the movie info and said, “Hmm, Mommy, this might be interesting. Let’s watch it.”

Ehen!” she exclaimed, shifting in her seat, “Ekwurum ekwu! BlackBerry a ga doputa ndi nmadu!” she completed in Igbo. (Which loosely translated means: Aha! I said it! This BlackBerry will put people in trouble!)

Apart from the freshness of the story line, I was also attracted to the star-studded cast. Kalu Ikeagwu, I knew from Tinsel; Kate Henshaw, one of the most gorgeous divas to grace the silver screen, and of course, the talented Uche Jombo, who I must say, has really upped the ante in the past few of years. These three actors are fantastic at role interpretation. The picture quality and the angles of the camera also lent credence to the fact that it was a well thought out production. I also recognized the name of the director (Ike Nnaebue). I had been following him on Twitter for a while. Cool! I balanced my tray of egusi properly on my knees and watched.

The movie is about an online romance gone awry which is commonplace today with the proliferation in the use of social networking.

Greg (Kalu) and Imelda (Uche) had a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) chat relationship, which started out as purely emotional. Though Imelda knew Greg was married, she believed he was her soulmate and had been captured by an evil queen, his wife, Tosin (Kate). She felt the need to set him free from Tosin’s “bondage”, so he could have a “happily ever after” with her.

For Greg, Imelda was his escape from what he felt was a routine lifestyle. She was his Ecstasy pill. She appealed to his emotions. The “sex” in relationship was restricted to the pictures and the intimate chat messages they sent to each other. With her, he could be as romantically adventurous as he wanted to be. And that was enough for him. It started and ended on BBM.

Unfortunately, Imelda didn’t think so. She wanted more, plus wasn’t quite right up in her head. Greg was the only one who treated her nice. He said loving things to her. He fueled her fantasy of being a princess. He made her feel ‘like a natural woman’ (a la Whitney Houston). She wanted to make it real.

Unfortunately, Greg has no idea how bad her psychotic condition is.

The entire movie takes place in a day. It reminded me of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (one of the greatest love stories I’ve ever read!) I thought it was a fantastic idea, because that’s actually how these things play out in real life. It all comes crashing down in one day. You meet someone on a social networking platform, and he/she is the picture of perfection. You finally meet up and the person turns out to be a nightmare from hell. Remember Cynthia and the Facebook “friends”?

However, there are still honest people on these platforms, thing is, how do we know for sure? I wish there was some Litmus test solution to this. Just thinking…

The acting was superb, the diction of the actors was clear.  My mom said she loved the movie because it was “clean”. It was something she could watch in front of children without cringing. Er..just so you know, my mom is a strict schoolmarm, and getting a ‘thumbs up’ from her means you really outdid yourself. The script was well laced with sensuality without being lewd.

It isn’t surprising that this movie has been nominated severally and has indeed received several awards since it premiered.

I know its Monday, but you can start planning for the weekend today. Go watch the movie False and let me know what you think.

You could also check out Under Your Skin and A Mother’s Fight. Also directed by Ike Nnaebue and starring Uche Jombo.

Have a terrific week, y’all. One love!


No egusi seeds were harmed during the viewing of this movie, however, the liquid contents of two bottles of Coca Cola are still missing. If found…..(laughing out loud). Cheers!




8 thoughts on “True or False!

  1. Good work, the producers of the movie can’t get a better review anywhere. You unfold your writing skills in different ways with every new piece. Glad I’m hooked on this blog, happy I know you now so you can’t form celebrity for me as your legend soars but sorry I’m not bighearted enough to watch Nollywood just yet. Meanwhile, do I have you on BBM? I just might christen myself ‘Greg’, you know. >_O.

  2. Another piece that shows why I love your writing so much; a different scenario and sort of article from your usual (stories) yet the important things remain evident: clarity of expressions, simple but not simplistic flow and ever so easy on the eye. I love it, this is how articles should be written. Ps: so when were the egusi seeds harmed?During grinding, in the pot abi as accompaniment for “swallow”?

    • Oh, that’s so encouraging, SheddyKoks. Thank you. Thank you. Er…. as per the egusi seeds, they came to a happy ending, bubbling with joy, surrounded by kayan ciki and naman akuya. Hahahahahahaha!

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