For Maami…with love on Mothers’ Day


Happy Mothers’ Day!

I’m sure you had fun today,

As you and the cherubs sang and played.

We missed you here today

Missed your voice in the Women’s Choir

When your lips weren’t smiling, your eyes were

       Your hands were either loving, or they were clasped in prayer.

He misses you a lot

Yes, a lot more than all of us combined

He still cries. A lot. Please can you make him stop?

But, Maami, wait, don’t make him stop,

‘Cause that’s what makes him strong

And we need him to be strong, because it’s on him we lean on.

The words you planted prayerfully in his heart,

Have borne fruit, of which we partake freely

The other day, standing where you lay resting,

Your reassuring whisper was borne on the wind

And that chill I felt down my spine was when your loving hand clasped mine.

Happy Mother’s Day, Maami.

He says to tell you he loves you so!




For  Maami Odukoya on this special day.  We miss you. Keep resting, till we meet again. Lots of love, from all of us. 



8 thoughts on “For Maami…with love on Mothers’ Day

  1. You know, I believe you met my mother somehow somewhere – because your words described her demeanor perfectly. She was always smiling, either with her lips, eyes or heart.

    She was love. She taught me to love.

    This made me cry. A lot.

    I love you, dear sister. Thank you for this; for you.

  2. Wonderful memoir of Maami! She has left a very big shoe for you, for me, for all of us to wear…we shouldnt be found wanting…RIP Maami Nne!

  3. lovely…
    you know I have read all your posts, and I must say, I love the way you write. it was familiar too but I couldn’t place it…until I saw “Love in Lagos” and then I knew I had ‘tasted’ your talent before…
    keep it coming…

    • I’m glad you like the “taste”. Hehehe! Please come and taste again soon. I’m in the kitchen, will serve another dish soon. Thank you. Again.

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