My Writing Process Blog Tour

My brother Seun says the greatest gift God gave him is the ability to scam people into thinking he can actually write.

I laugh.

That’s because the guy is every inch a writer. Seun’s blog posts are …..em, sorry, I’m still trying to come up with an adjective for them. He is an amazing writer and his free e-book For Days and A Night and e-comic Songs About Aids showcase his unique creativity.

I’ve been tagged in this Writing Process Blog Tour by him because he believes I’m a “fantastico” writer. 

I’ll be answering four questions on my writing process. After that, I’ll be tagging three other amazing writers/bloggers, who will in turn answer the same questions and tag three others on their blog and… the beat goes on. So let’s go…


I’m writing bits and bobs of different things but what gets the most of my attention these days is a screenplay I’m working on. No title yet.  My dad also wants me to write a poem on Mandela and I’ve chucked several drafts in the wastebasket already….it is a work-in-progress.



Well, the only difference is that it is written by me. No story is totally new. Same stories told by different storytellers. That’s the way I see it.


                 It is the air I breathe.


Hmm. I don’t think I have a process. A stay-at-home mom is supposed to have all the time in the world, but on the contrary, I don’t. Sometimes, I wait for inspiration and in a few minutes, the story is told. Other times, I could be mulling and fantasizing over a story for days. I try my best to scribble notes, so that I don’t forget a particular thought. That’s pretty much all there is to my writing.


Now the fun part! Yes! Tagging these three phenomenal writers:

Ladies first…..


Azuka Nduaguibe a trained Fine Artist is currently breaking frontiers in home cooking through Food blogging. She is passionate about giving families a variety of meal, breaking the monotony of eating the same meals every day. You should read her Chef Diaries series. She blogs at Follow her on Twitter @Clarascornerng



Shadrach Saddih  is a lawyer, husband, father and a “redeemed ragamuffin”. His musings are hilariously enlightening and thought provoking.  He tweets with @ElShederico



Ibrahim “Captain Quest” Suleiman is the principal partner at WorDance Inc. A national champion and award winning choreographer, he is also an architect and TV presenter. His “fingers often have a mind of their own” and his humour will knock you out each and every time. Check out his blog here and you can follow him on @edomalo


I’d love for you to visit these awesome blogs, follow them, and, thank me later.

I won’t be writing this if I didn’t have such amazing support from you, my reader. Thank you. Plenty.

Seun, brother mine, I won’t stop writing, thank you. And you too, Daddy, you too.


4 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Yay! I’m in the news! Lol! Thanks Nneka, nice to know you think I’m an amazing writer, I know I love to cook but if you say I can write, then I can write. Straight to the point write up, well done!

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