Expiry Date

No one knows

The tears hidden behind my smile

A dry, crusty scab

Masks the pain underneath

There once was one who knew

One who was healing balm.

I woke up this morning


In need of my healing balm

Searched. Hoped. Waited.

The letters seemed blurred


I took a closer look.

A lone tear landed with a soft plop

On the cursive red lettering:

Friendship expires on…..


13 thoughts on “Expiry Date

  1. Sometimes, the intricacies of life’s journey warrants that some bonds be broken. Since the show must go on,we just chin up,suck it in and soldier on.
    Tomorrow Robins will sing, that is a promise.

  2. I know who this is meant for… If he doesn’t aid the fulfillment of your destiny, then you don’t need him but if he needs you, help a brother out…Be happy, lo, I’m with you!

  3. I know there must be something wrong with me, but even after reading the last line I still keep thinking this was written for a jar of lip balm 😀 Ok, ok, on a serious note. Some friendships really do expire and they really do hurt when they end, but we could also draw comfort from the fact that they even happened in the first place and maybe left us with good memories or life lessons. Well done, my sister!

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