#SavingDapo Soundtrack


Hello dears, remember the Saving Dapo series  by my brother, friend and mentor, Seun Odukoya. You read and liked it, right?

Well, there’s more!

Saving Dapo is actually a full length novel and it’s going to set bookstands ablaze in the next few weeks. It contains never before seen concepts and ideas, illustrations, behind the scenes, interviews… In fact, just get the book!

Now, did you know the novel has a soundtrack? As in, you’ll get to know Dapo is a real live breathing human being! How cool is that?

Here’s what Dapo sounds like:

Featuring soul singers Nanya, Sallam and rapper GQ, the song deals with Dapo and Yemisi (the lead characters) at a therapy session that is supposed to help them talk through their issues.

Did it go well? What do you think?

Please follow him on Twitter @dapo_olaojo and tell him what you think.

Now, I know you all are such darlings and you’ll do anything for me, right? So, stop by http://www.seunodukoya.wordpress.com.  And also follow Seun Odukoya on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ now. So when the book comes out, you’ll hear it first and go grab your copy! I don’t want any of you to be called LASTma. Hehehe!

Do enjoy the rest of your week.

Thank you for listening and sharing!


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