Mama’s dollar

Mama had a dollar
Or was it ten?
It didn’t matter.
She’d asked me to clean the room
And I saw where she’d tucked it down under.
I didn’t stop thinking about about it in the days that followed after.
It was my birthday in a few days.
That Kemdi; I’d show her!
She’d see me share my sweets and groundnut candy…
Ha! Ha! Her mouth will water!
My birthday came, I walked to school
Bouncing as if on springs
The glint in his eye went unnoticed by me
As I gave him Mama’s dollar
A smile on my lips, one hand in pocket,
Fingers tightened around the crisp notes
For the rest of that day,
I didn’t lack a friend,
Or a hug, or a smile,
Or a hand wanting to hold mine.
Kemdi was jealous,
As I skipped home, quite joyous
Mama was outside
Sitting on the weather beaten log
She saw me and wiped a tear.
“What’s wrong, Mama?”
“Happy birthday, dear.” she hugged me.
“I was going to get you new shoes, you see.
I kept the dollars well hidden, only I can’t remember where.
Don’t worry, Brother will send another,
You’ll have new shoes before the rains.”
She smiled as she hugged me tighter
And the lump in my throat grew harder.
Mama had a dollar
Or was it ten?
It didn’t matter


9 thoughts on “Mama’s dollar

  1. Wow.. this is fantastic…i love it!

    Well, why have you been starving us of this beauty in your words na….

    Poor boy, trading new shoes for candy and ‘friends’ for one day…the things the need to impress and outshine peers will make one do!

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