Happy New Year


I’m missing my boyfriend.

Wait, why are you giving me that look? You didn’t think I had a boyfriend? Haha, very funny.

It’s New Year’s eve. I’m eating salty crackers and binge watching Criminal Minds on TV. You think I watch it because of Shemar Moore? Ehen, what about you who watches that other show because of Idris Elba?So there, we’re square.

Anyway, that’s the only ‘sane’ thing to watch right now. All the other channels are showing one New Year’s eve party or the other, and well, watching the party isn’t the same thing as being at the party. With my boyfriend…

Where could he have gone off to this New Year’s eve, by the way? He usually comes home right after work.

Aren’t we supposed to countdown to the new year together…cuddling on the sofa… He can play with my hair as I curl up against his chest and inhale his manly scent. We’d punctuate every sentence with a kiss. He knows I love kissing, that he does.

Maybe he’s outside watching the fireworks. Or out drinking with friends.

But… he should be here. Maybe fixing us a meal, in the kitchen, wearing nothing but a towel. Oh. I have to bite my lip to stop certain sensations from coursing through my body as my mind thinks naughty thoughts of what lies beneath that towel.

I shudder slightly. My body is in need. Where is my man?

I hear footsteps outside. It must be him.

Be still, my racing heart.

I lick my lips in anticipation. He is going to hold me, to kiss me. Oh, he knows I love kissing, doesn’t he?

The footsteps are getting louder. He comes into view from round the block. There is something cradled in the crook of his left arm. Is that a bottle in a brown paper bag? No. It must be bread. He likes bread. Bread and onion soup.

His key turns in the lock. He twists the handle and gives the door a push with his strong, broad shoulders.

And he steps inside his apartment…. into the arms of his waiting lover.

The end credits start to roll and I switch off the TV and go to bed.

He’s real in my dreams, though. And dreams do come true.

Only believe.

Happy New Year, people


11 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. hahahaha…nice twist… happy new year! this year is going to be so sweet, if this is what we started with..
    remember your new year resolution o…to post at least once a week..

  2. Nne-nne, o di egwu really, the ‘things’ you do with words. As usual, nice one.
    Btw, I watch Criminal minds because of Thomas Gibson and not Shemar Moore….just in case you get the chance to tell him. 😁

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