My Princess, my pride.

I remember the first day I felt her move in my womb.

I was lying on the bed in the spare room of my parents house. I needed a break from the madness that is Lagos and so I travelled up north to quieter climes.

My dad and his friend were conversing loudly in the parlor while I was tossing and turning, trying to find a comfortable position in which to fall asleep. I wished they would keep their voices down so I could sleep.

I lay still for a few minutes then I felt as if the entire contents of my midsection just rolled over in slow motion to one side. While I was still wondering what was going on, I felt her gentle tap-tap-tap.

I almost fell as I rushed out of the bed. I checked the calendar hanging beside the clock on the adjacent wall. 20 weeks! That’s five months!

I ran out to where Daddy and his friend were and amnnouced : “She’s moving! She just moved! Watch, she’ll move again.”

The young lady just went back to sleep, leaving us there watching and waiting!

Four months later, seeing her so pink and so tiny and so swaddled in so many layer of clothing and blankets… I burst into tears.

I had fallen hopelessly in love.

She has over the past five years, blossomed into an adorable young lady. She has such an interesting imagination and is very much inclined to the arts. She’s always changing her mind on what she wants to be. Today it’s Captain Adorable, tomorrow a pirate princess, the next day, a cowgirl. Teacher. Clown. Chef. Ballerina. Farmer. Artist. Bunny. Soldier.

In fact, I can’t keep up.

But one thing is certain. Everyday I look at her, I’m proud of the lady she’s growing into and I’m loving her more and more and more.

She’s definitely the kind of daughter I always dreamed of having.

January 8, 2010…. the day God blessed me with this angel.

I love you, darling daughter. Always and forever.



9 thoughts on “My Princess, my pride.

  1. Awww…so sweet!
    Happy birthday Princess…
    Nothing will cut short your joy and you will grow stronger and prettier (much more than mummy; mummy please don’t be jealous)
    You will grow to make mummy so proud, her heart will look like it’s going to explode from her chest…nothing will take mummy and daddy away from you…they will live long to see you flourish and nurture them in their old age…
    Erm…Mummy please share cake and juice reach this side o..

  2. May God bless the princess and her mama,may He give unto her a kingdom so vast and beautiful that men will marvel. May she live long and happy,showered by all the goodness from the Almighty’s store. Happy Birthday ‘Nella and may there be countless returns of today. Na cake remain now o…

  3. Happy birthday, Princess! May you be a source of shine to everyone you meet and may you, today and forever, be better than the woman you’re meant to become. .!

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