In, out

This way and that.

Up, down

Up front and back .

Ebb and flows,

Highs and lows.

Zigzagging along

Or as the crow flies.

I really want to know

Should I stay

Or should I go?

Is it a yes or a no?

Hold on or let it go?

A yo-yo

In slow mo’

Or should I remain

On this Ferris wheel

Moving, never stopping

But going nowhere.


4 thoughts on “Yo-yo

  1. That state of indecision and vacillation between choices..
    Very aptly captured.
    The most horrible thing in life is to be moving but going nowhere…so i say, take the plunge and make a choice. Even if it is the wrong one, at least then you will have learnt the right way, and then you can follow it

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