Love in Ten

Love is…

1. Blueberry ice cream with dark chocolate sprinkles.

2. When the shy,  little girl next door, abandons her play and comes up to hug me,saying “I like your hair.”

3. When I find the silly notes we were writing back and forth to each other in church six months ago and I’m reading, crying, laughing and loving all over again.

4. It’s when I trace your jawline with the tip of my forefinger and it makes your smile match the curve of your eyelashes.

5. Love is the way they look at me when they call me “Mommy”.

6. Finding a thousand naira note in that purse I haven’t used in months!

7. Quiet contemplation in solitude.

8. When you finish my sentences….because you always have the right words.

9. Smiling to myself on the bus, because the song lyrics I’m listening to reminds me of you.

10. God…. He loves me so much that He made you for me.

Hello, everyone. I was invited to Love in Ten sentences by  Krissy who blogs here.  Feel free to write yours and post and share the link with us.


10 thoughts on “Love in Ten

  1. this is amazing and now I got that taste for blueberry ice-cream.. Such a wonderful ,talented writer thank you so much for participating with us.. Love is all..Much Love love to you..

  2. Ahh….love is when I lie awake at night and my eyes fill with tears as I watch him lie beside me and I realise how good God has been to me.. and no good thing will He withhold from me…no good thing….

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