Dreams! II

So what has Kachi been up to since we met her here?

He ran his fingers through my wet hair, massaging my temples and my nape gently.

Eyes tightly shut, I took deep breaths, filling my lungs with his manly scent. My eyes barely open in slits, I saw his green t-shirt ride high over his belt allowing me catch a glimpse of the beautiful  brown skin, very much like the cafe au lait swirling in my cup an hour ago. I let out a soft sigh as he continued working his fingers through my hair, oblivious to what effect his fingers were having on me.


He leaned in, his tongue leaving a warm trail on my neck in contrast to the chilly wetness. A soft moan escaped from my parted lips in anticipation of the meeting with his. His lips continued leaving their trail of fire, as he continued kissing my neck, my jaw line and behind my ears, ignoring my yearning lips as his fingers combed through my hair.

He continued this ‘torture’ and just when I thought he was finally leaning in for the kiss; he grabbed my shoulders and squeezed hard. He squeezed them again, harder this time. Annoyed, I opened my eyes and saw him leaning close to my ear.


“Aunty Kachi, I don wash your hair finish. You want big rollers or small rollers? Hair treatments, nko?


“Em…er..small….small rollers”, I said, trying to hide the shame in my voice, my eyes averted from his in the wall-length mirror in front of us.


 I need another cafe au lait. And I really need to stop daydreaming.


9 thoughts on “Dreams! II

  1. Ha hahahahahaha!!!!
    Don’t do this again joooor!
    Was getting unnecessarily excited…😔😔

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