Love Couldn’t Find A Way

I’m sorry I hurt you

I’m sorry I made you stay

I should have released you

I thought I could find a way

You always told me

You knew I would go one day

I argued, I said no

I’ll be here forever and a day

But hearing you say that

Over and over again

Soon it became a reality

You seemed better when I was away

Yet, stubbornly I chiseled

Walls you’d built didn’t sway

Burnt out and weary

I said I’d try again another day

Now it’s been a week

No, it’s been months since that day

Broken shards, scattered,

Is all that’s left of this jar of clay.


13 thoughts on “Love Couldn’t Find A Way

  1. In the end,no matter how much we love and cherish people…We cannot stay beyond our welcome. Love is sometimes like every other journey,tenured. As long as we gave our all while it lasted,we’ll be just fine.

    P.S – You don’t miss the water,until the well runs dry.

  2. It hurts to walk away
    But sometimes that is what is needed
    No use fighting a losing battle
    In the war of love, it’s both sides that fight for each other….
    You can’t make anybody love you, it’s always their choice
    And in the end no matter what you do, you will get heart broken…

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