I Saw Batman Last Night.

I swear I saw Batman last night. And no, it wasn’t a dream.

And no it isn’t one of the tales from my “Cloudy Castle”. I’ve been clean for three days, you see. It was just another one of those nights, when I had Insomnia over for a sleepover. Hahaha. And they say I’m insane.

The moon was beautiful tonight. I lay on my back and watched her through the diamond shaped pattern of the iron bars on my window. She and some clouds were playing a game of hide-and-go-seek. But every once in a while, she’d stand out in the open, bathing my brown skin in silvery light, turning it a greyish brown hue.

And then, another cloud pulled her into its embrace, taking her out of my line of sight. I rolled out of bed and waddled to the window to see where he was taking her.

That’s when I saw him. Batman. Just below my window. Arms akimbo. Staring off into the distance. He saw me. I’m sure he did. I could tell from the way his head tilted up a little to the left. I wanted to cry out “Save me, Batman.” I sure as hell needed saving. From them. From myself.

But, it was past 2am in the morning. I blinked hard several times. Even a small cough from me would bring them to my door. The demons. The ones I have to fight outside my body. The ones in my body are pretty well behaved, especially when we’re all nice and cosy in my Cloudy Castle. I looked down again and he was gone. Silently melted into the night. That’s the way all superheroes go. I waddled back to bed, lay and watched a lone star struggle to shine.
Till I closed my eyes and waited for the dawn and my demons to awaken.

This is the life!
He stood in the shadows, just in front of the low cut shrubbery. The light coming from the open door shone on his back. He had draped her night robe over his shoulders on his way out. Other than that, he was as naked as the day he was born. He stood, feet apart, arms akimbo, as he aimed and the steady stream of urine hit the exact spot he wanted. He finished his business and stood for a few more seconds, filling his lungs with the crisp night air. He caught a whiff of the jasmine flowers he had had the prisoners plant near the fence, a few months ago.

Tonight has been perfect. This new girl, whoa! She’s definitely a keeper. Well…till Alina comes back into town.

He looked at his shadow on the wall and saw the bunny ears on his head. Tonight, she had wanted role play. He was a bunny, she was dressed as a wolf. And a wolf indeed she had been!

Grrrr! How else could she have been going for almost an hour! Thank goodness she’s asleep now. I’m exhausted!

Just then out of the corner of his eye, he saw something move. He looked up slightly to the left. She was awake again. That nutcase. She never slept except when she was high on marijuana. He had cut off her supply for the last three days because she had behaved badly and bit another prisoner.

I better go in before she sees me naked.

He turned and headed indoors as fast as he could.


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