Do you ever just find yourself staring at some random guy, and while you’re still trying to figure out what it is that drew your eyes to him, that crazy voice that lives inside your head whispers “That one surely has halitosis.”
“Shut up,  spoilsport! ” is your quick retort, silencing the voice.
You look at how coolly he looks, in that crisp,  pink linen shirt, #BeardGang and all.  Or when last did you see glasses balance so perfectly on an aquiline nose. Why should a guy even have these oh-so-perfect eyelashes?  And oh, look at those lips,  surely what lies behind them is….
And then, he sits beside you,  smiles and his eyes  say hello to your cleavage first before they travel up to meet yours and he parts his lips and breathes “Hello”.
You freeze. Holding your breath. Just then, the gears creak and the bus lurches forward,  letting in a gust of not-so-fresh-but-very-welcome air from the window.  You turn your head and let the air fill your lungs… The breath of life.
Seconds later,you remember that you didn’t even respond to Mr. Pink Shirt’s greeting. Taking advantage of the fact that you’re upwind,  you turn to him to return the courtesy and you’re met with a scowl. Still,  you venture…
“Beautiful lady,  bad attitude.”, is his scathing reply.
I turn back to the window and smile at the waters as the bus speeds over the Third Mainland Bridge.
“He took your breath away, didn’t he?”  The crazy voice in my head has slunk out again and is sitting on my left shoulder,  filing her nails.  Our eyes meet for a second and we both burst into laughter.
Mr. Pink Shirt shifts in his seat, away from me, squeezing the other two passengers on the row. One of them, a gaunt, balding man, let’s out a string of insults in Yoruba.
Wind in my face,  eyes closed,  I smile again.
Good morning, Lagos.
#LagosLiving #DanfoMornings #LiveLoveLagos #FictionIsReality
Thank you Mystique Syn of http://www.syncityng.com  for the inspiration to share my #DanfoMornings story.

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