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See you at the crossroads,
Pray we’re not in the crosshairs
Life’s all a crossword
Our words, the skull and crossbones.

They said he was a crosspatch
But, when we crossed paths,
Hoped to die, with crossed hearts
Forbidden, we’d crossed lines
Etched black on white, a crossfire. 

See you at the crossroads
This time there won’t be crosshairs
Figured out Life’s crosswords
Crossed hearts, skulls and crossbones.




Nights are meant for loving

Beat a tattoo on my drum
I’ll sing, or maybe hum
Fireflies will give us light,
As we dance away the night.

Or maybe you should beat
A tune for the moon
To come out to play
Bathing us in silvery moonbeams
It seems we own the night.

Nights are meant for lovers and loving,
That everybody knows.
So why does the old lady hiss
And turn up her nose
As we lose ourselves in love’s throes?

Let us dance on our tippy toes.
But can you tell where this stream goes?
Is that fire in your eyes
Burning me or keeping me alive?

Souvenirs d’un amour passé

His kiss was like poetry
Spoken in tune with the harp
His fingers strumming sweet chords
On my hair-strings, heartstrings
And in that moment, that instant,
Time froze
As his tongue took mine
Down exotic paths
We discovered new galaxies
His kiss was bliss
And that’s what I really miss.
I miss his kiss.

Il me manque,mais surtout, son baiser.