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Castles In The Air

Keep your words
There’s no more pages in my heart
To write on.
Let’s hop on that cloud
Sail the starry sea
Let’s go, up,up there
To our castles in the air.


These Tears…

These tears

You see

It’s not that I’m sad.

Sometimes Under the shower

I try to scrub off your stain

These tears

You see

They’re deep cleansing


The other day I looked

In the old biscuit tin

I saw a happy picture

Dog-eared and fading

These tears

You see

They flow free and fast

I ride on their waves

To a happy place I knew.

To Love Or Be Loyal

I’m in love with him

But I’m loyal to another.

I gave him my word

But, my heart dances to another’s drum.

Do I go

To my heart

Or, to my head?

To have candy

Without the toothache

Can I love, at honor’s cost?

An End Is A Beginning

I wish I could

Go back in time

To when it was sweet, sunshiny spring.

Butterflies colored our days

And fireflies lit up our nights

What then is this wintry wind?

This fog so thick I can’t see a thing

Slipping, falling, I reach out calling

But, you’re not there

Despairing, I fall,

As I lay there I recall

Your words when you said

“I’m for a season in time, you will leave or maybe I.”

Realisation clears the fog

I must put shoulder to the wheel

Round the bend and a little uphill

I see you there, heart racing I run

Because you’re looking at me

Drawing close, my steps fail

You look, but see right through me

My heaving breast breaks the lone tear’s fall

You turn away, to where your new love calls.



Je cherche

Au profond de mon âme

Ma tête,

Et mon coeur aussi.

Si peut-être,

Je peux y trouver

Un souvenir

Un instant

D’une des nos heures longues

Sur Le tapis

Sous l’oranger.


In, out

This way and that.

Up, down

Up front and back .

Ebb and flows,

Highs and lows.

Zigzagging along

Or as the crow flies.

I really want to know

Should I stay

Or should I go?

Is it a yes or a no?

Hold on or let it go?

A yo-yo

In slow mo’

Or should I remain

On this Ferris wheel

Moving, never stopping

But going nowhere.